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«CHISTYE PRYDI» taxi and cab service in Moscow

Posted by admin on 10 Июн 2008 | Tagged as: Taxi



PHONE (495) 649-0746




PHONE (495) 999-7135




PHONE (495) 502-6292




We provide the best quality service…

…at AFFORDABLE prices

We value your custom and are able to supply all your needs

In our continued effort to improve the service we give you, as well as drivers being licensed by Reading Moscow Prefecture, they have:

- Additional driving tests by State Traffic Inspectorate

- Criminal history checks by Moscow Police Department

- Full medical

CITY RATE 600 – 800 rub.per hour(depend on the car)

An incomplete hour is paid as complete.

Airport Rates:

From Moscow city full size sedan luxury

to Domodedovo 1700 rub. 2200 rub.

to Sheremetevo 1,2 1500 rub. 2000 rub.

to Vnukovo 1500 rub. 2000 rub.

Prices are subject to change without notice

Tolls & 20% GRATUIDY not included

The lease of car with the driver for 8 hours (full size sedan) 3600 rub.

Luxury car 4000 rub.

Transfer 1000 rub.

Send-offs into the airport 1000rub.

Trip beyond the limits MKAD:

MKAD – 10 rub./ km.

Over 20 km from MKAD – 25 rub./ km Additional payment for the maintenance in the night time (from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) – 20%


Туристическая фирма Lenivka.com: Владимир, Суздаль, Золотое Кольцо,Экскурсии по Москве

Такси Мытищи

Posted by admin on 10 Июн 2008 | Tagged as: Taxi

Такси СПУТНИК-МЫТИЩИ.Заказ такси в Мытищах.Круглосуточно. Каждая 10 поездка по городу БЕСПЛАТНО.Низкие цены!Персональная страница .

Посмотреть телефон

Заказ такси в Москве и Подмосковье Добавить объявление

Такси Селятино, Элитные двери Форпост

Posted by admin on 10 Июн 2008 | Tagged as: Taxi, Links

Вызов такси Селятино Московской области

Стальные двери Форпост завод М-Лок г.Калининград для обычных элитных домов и квартир

Экскурсия в Коломну

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